Thursday, March 26, 2015

Being more specific

Apparently, I need to be more specific when doling out consequences. Lex got in trouble for eating snack bar too many times during the week. His punishment was the loss of snack bar for the next month, April. He came home from school the next day and told me he bought milk and snack bar. As I said, "what?!" he came back with, "You told me I lost it for April, it's still March." Touche, my child, touche.

On a side note, Nate's word of the day is "pafetic." As in, "you are so pafetic, Dad." Said with an eye roll. :)

Monday, March 16, 2015

And just like that...high school registration

Crazy to think when I first met Bailey, it was 11 years ago. 11?! Where in the world has the last 11 years gone? I remember getting her ready for her first day of  kindergarten. She was so excited and all smiles on the way to school. She doesn't get quite so excited on the way to school anymore, but deep down she still loves it. I just can't believe it's been 11 years and it's almost time for high school. It just felt surreal sitting at the table listening to her and Erik talk about schedules and electives. Wow, still in a bit of an emotional shock at this point...

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

I must be better about writing about these crazy kids!

Oh, yes, I must be better at documenting our lives! I don't even know where to begin at this point. Well, let's start with the most recent and work backwards-shall we?
The other night at dinner, as we were eating the coveted bacon, Lex informed me of his top five favorite foods; 1. chocolate 2. ice cream 3. candy 4. chocolate tacos and 5. bacon. Let's hope, with favorite foods such as this, that diabetes passes over him and he has a wonderful metabolism.
We've had a rough, rough, rough (did I say rough?) winter this year. We had very few days over the past few months where it even got remotely close to 20 degrees, let alone near 32! So, on the days that it did reach above 20, we hit the slopes. Okay, not the real slopes, but the pool hill sled riding. What an absolute blast we have had!
Hmm, Dr. Seuss' birthday. I am not creative in the slightest but this is one time of the year that we have green eggs and ham.  Yep, seriously green eggs!  We also had lady fingers and strawberry kabobs. Yum!
Bailey's inner-sarcasm has been coming out. This is both good and bad. I mentioned that I hard ordered a new dishwasher and the little stinker clapped her hands together and said, "Oh, I am getting a new sister!?" Um, hm,,, funny, funny girl.
On that note, Mr. Nate is always sarcastic and witty! This boy better start lifting weights or start track!
The difference in these three kids, and how they get ready, completely cracks me up. Bailey needs a good hour to two before she is able to leave the house. Lex, well, he could care less if his clothes match in the slightest. I do believe Erik said the other day, "I'm just happy if he has pants on!" And Nate, well, he's the upcoming pastor. He wears a button down shirt (aka handsome shirts) and a tie every single day.  I just love the differences!!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Meat and Loaf

Today is a rainy fall day. I opted to make some meatloaf for dinner, as all of the kids will eat with no complaints. As the it came around to dinner time and I said we were having meatloaf, Lex was happy  and stated, "Good, because I like meat." Nate, never one to let someone else have the last word stated, "And I like loaf, so it's good." Bailey, well, Bailey just likes food!!

I have been preaching at three different churches lately and have taken some of the kiddos with me. Bailey got to go to Grand Valley the one day and I asked her what she thought of the sermon and listening to me preach. Her response? "You were really good and funny." I said thanks and asked her what she thought of the message. "It was good, you really made people laugh." Things that make you go hmmmmm....

Nate got to join me at Tidioute this week. He was in his glory as he got to light all of the candles. On the way home, I asked him what he thought. He informed me, "you don't preach. You just sort of talk to the people." Something else to make me go hmmmmm.....

It will be interesting to hear Lex's thoughts when he gets to go with me.

My old soul Nate: One more example to add to the list of my "old soul" Nate... Lex comes homes and drops his back on the floor. He does this every single day. Nate comes in five minutes behind him today. I hear the door open, slam shut and then, "Lex, get in here and pick up your back pack. It does not go in the middle of the floor. Ugh, you act like such a child!!" Lex, in the living room with me, looks at me, smiles and says right back, "I AM a child!" LOL!!!