Monday, October 6, 2014

Meat and Loaf

Today is a rainy fall day. I opted to make some meatloaf for dinner, as all of the kids will eat with no complaints. As the it came around to dinner time and I said we were having meatloaf, Lex was happy  and stated, "Good, because I like meat." Nate, never one to let someone else have the last word stated, "And I like loaf, so it's good." Bailey, well, Bailey just likes food!!

I have been preaching at three different churches lately and have taken some of the kiddos with me. Bailey got to go to Grand Valley the one day and I asked her what she thought of the sermon and listening to me preach. Her response? "You were really good and funny." I said thanks and asked her what she thought of the message. "It was good, you really made people laugh." Things that make you go hmmmmm....

Nate got to join me at Tidioute this week. He was in his glory as he got to light all of the candles. On the way home, I asked him what he thought. He informed me, "you don't preach. You just sort of talk to the people." Something else to make me go hmmmmm.....

It will be interesting to hear Lex's thoughts when he gets to go with me.

My old soul Nate: One more example to add to the list of my "old soul" Nate... Lex comes homes and drops his back on the floor. He does this every single day. Nate comes in five minutes behind him today. I hear the door open, slam shut and then, "Lex, get in here and pick up your back pack. It does not go in the middle of the floor. Ugh, you act like such a child!!" Lex, in the living room with me, looks at me, smiles and says right back, "I AM a child!" LOL!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

School's In Session-Full swing!

Well, full steam ahead! School has been in session for about four weeks. It's already been quite a ride! Soccer practice for Lex and Nate two days a week, basketball practice for Bailey each night, two soccer games on Saturdays and one to two basketball games during the week. Let's not forget meetings during the week, homework and everything else we need to get done. Sitting at the table last night, watching them do their homework seemed very surreal to me. They are growing up! I am soooo not ready for this! But, on a completely unrelated note-these kids are stinking hilarious!
Nate, well, he's my little Alex P. Keaton (yes-when you read this sweetheart, you will have to research that one). He dresses in khaki's, polos, button down dress shirts and ties almost every day. We had to go buy a new pair of Grandpa shoes for this year as well. The other night, he was  standing on the footstool and singing and dancing and then whipped down his pants and mooned Erik and said, "see that full moon?!" Erik and I almost lost it! I had tears running down my face from laughing so hard!  He is also the condescending/too smart for his own good child. 

A few funnies I shared on FaceBook. Bailey doesn't get much FB time as she gets embarrassed. :)

Another example that Nate (6) is really much older...
Nate: Mom, what does fool mean?
Me: Well, fool means (as I stop for a second to think)
Nate: Would you like me to use it in a sentence?
This kid...too darn smart for his own good sometimes!

My go-to phrase with the kids (when they were being crazy) was, "I don't have time to go to the emergency room." It has now changed to, "How am I supposed to explain this to the emergency room people" as I know they are going to do something crazy! No trip to the ER today, but I heard the boys playing on Lex's bed. I heard all sorts of noise (this was after I told them no body slamming) and then I hear a body hit the floor. Quiet. Slight whimpering. One child saying "this is why Mom told us not to do that!" in an oh-so-quiet whisper, whimpering child now says, "I'm fine!" Quiet. Then both of them laughing hysterically saying, "That was sooo cool! Let's do it again! Bailey, Lex just did a back flip off his bed-come watch!" Oh Leamon boys...

Lex and Nate were out back tossing the football and getting along great! Nate says, "Lex, when we are adults and parents we are so totally going to hang out at each others houses and watch football and drink sodas!"
feeling happy.
Nate says "degree" instead of "agree." Lex is picking a movie and Nate doesn't want to watch it. "We have to degree, Lex!" Cracks me up!!

I overheard the boys talking the other day about adults playing video games. At first, they both agreed that adults don't play video games because, "that would be just weird." After a minute, I heard this:
Nate: No, some adults do play video games. Daddy does.
Lex: Yea, you are right!
Nate: But, Dad is weird. So, he's doesn't count.
Lex: Yea, he is weird. He's one of the weirdest parents I know-and Mom.
*a few seconds pass*
Lex: Troy. I could totally see Troy Beatty playing video games.
Nate: Yea, I could see that too.

LOL!! Thought you would get a kick out this Traci Beatty!

Why do I not redo my wood floors you ask? I am sitting here listening to monster trucks being raced from my living room to my dining room and back. I am not freaking out about the scratches or damage that may be done. I am listening to the fun and laughter. My floors can be stained and polished and perfect when I'm old! Until then, carry on and have fun!!!

Friday, September 5, 2014

back to school 2014!

Yep, they are all back to school. Today is the third full day. Now, when the kiddos read this, I want them to know that I love them dearly. I absolutely love spending time with them. However, I also love routine. I love not getting up to get food for everyone. I love not going to the grocery store every 48 hours for food. I love not making food. Are you catching my drift? Can you guess what happened a lot this summer!?!  Okay, all joking aside...
I do miss them. This house  is beyond quiet and, although I work at warp speed, I don't like the quiet all the time. This year Nate is in 1st grade, Lex is in 3rd and Bailey is in 8th. It just doesn't seem possible that they are that old. I am so excited to see what this school year brings for them. Lex and Nate are both in soccer and Bailey is in basketball. Bailey is getting more and more privileges and Lex and Nate are just growing up! I'm so not ready for this!!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

horrible mother!

Yep, I wrote it down for my kids to read about! I don't write things down, I was horrible about keeping up with their baby books. We just went for the 6 and 8 year old check ups and I didn't bring their notebook. Oh well, what can I say. I sure hope when they look back on life, they see what I DID do and not what I did not do. We did have a fabulous life. We did provide for them. We did lead them towards the Lord. We did laugh loudly and a lot! We did cry and say I'm sorry. We did play and have fun. Those are things I want them to cherish!